GDPR Compliance

We are doing our part to comply with GDPR. However if you have specific concerns, below is information from WordPress directly.

We expect our services to be in compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation that goes into effect on May 25th.

For more information about the updates we’re working on, please see our blog post here:

For complete information about our use of data, please refer to our privacy policy, recently updated to add more detail:

However, we cannot give specific legal advice about individual sites, as we are not your attorneys.

For most bloggers and site owners using, comments and feedback are the main way they collect information from visitors. In addition to what is public, there are also a few extra details visible to you in your dashboard, such as the IP address of commenters. When the GDPR goes into effect, people will be able to request a copy of this “personal data” or ask to have it deleted. We are working on ways to help you comply with such requests, which may be in the form of point-and-click tools or written guides.

We will also be enhancing the functionality of our existing EU cookie banner, so that it works in conjunction with our WordAds advertising program to only provide EU visitors with clear choices about personalized ads.

If you want to write a Privacy Policy that discloses to your site’s visitors the information that’s collected when they follow or comment on your site, you can find a detailed description of what gets collected about them at

And we will have written guidance for people with more complicated sites on what they should think about when it comes to protecting privacy and the new law.

Both our and the GDPR support page will have more updates by the end of the month and going forward.

If you have any follow-up questions, please open a new support ticket at